Affiliate TOS Page


  1. You cannot refer yourself via your affiliate link.
  2. You cannot refer existing customers via your affiliate link.
  3. You can only receive payment via your provided account.
  4. Only those from Tanzania qualify for our affiliate program.
  5. You are banned from bidding on branded terms such as ‘Agiza Fasta’ – or any obvious variations – in Google AdWords or adCenter.
  6. You must not use spam as a method of promotion.
  7. As our service is targeted to business users, we only accepts users with a valid business email address. Users with anonymous, disposable or free emails will not be able to create accounts.


In order to start earning revenue with our Affiliate Program you need to start referring customers to Agiza Fasta using the special affiliate link. Join our affiliate program here and follow instructions and finish your account setup. As soon as your account is approved, you will receive a unique referral link that you should share with your customers via your marketing channels. When someone clicks the affiliate link in your email newsletter, blog sidebar, website, article, review link, etc. The visitor browses AgizaFasta.Com and – if they open an account – this activity is logged. Whenever the referred customer makes an order, it is marked as your referred sale and you will receive a commission. We only need to track the account registration via your affiliate link. Once your referred customer has signed up, we are able to track all purchases and credit them as your sales, even after user changes his device or clears browser cache.

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